Always Remember

I was taught at a young age that one of the most important words in the English language is “remember”.

Recently, I was remembering a vivid childhood memory. I was 7 years old and seriously struggling to be kind to my siblings.  I was strong-willed and stubborn and did not ever want to give-in to what my siblings wanted.  One day when I returned home from second grade there was a plaque hanging on my wall that simply said, “kindness begins with me.” This memory sparked the idea for Always Remember.

Each month Always Remember will feature a new attribute and will offer a new series of changeable posters for your child’s room. By signing up with your email below, you will receive a free gift and a free download to help support the attribute for the month, and a monthly newsletter with fresh, supportive ideas. 

Thank you for being here! Together we can help our children to Always Remember these important qualities!